Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's a Small World After All

Rural Pastor had mentioned in an email that we were having a baptism this morning. That's always exciting and I made the assumption that the family was from the area. When I went to put on my alb, I saw a woman changing a baby and then realized they were the baptismal family. I greeted them and mentioned I was away last weekend at my granddaughter's baptism in Rochester, NY. The mother exclaimed, "We're from Rochester!" I was amazed. I then inquired where they live in the Rochester area. She said, "Penfield." I told her I graduated from Penfield High School--as did she. She mentioned she had attended St. Joseph's Church in Penfield. That is where I was confirmed. We even went to the same elementary school, though she's much younger than I.

It gets even more amazing. I mentioned that my daughter lives in Greece, NY. That's where one of the godparents lives! This is in a small, rural, MD church!! They had family here though and that's why the baptism was being done here. I had a few minutes to visit with the rest of the family after the service. We were all amazed. I could not help but think of the song, "It's a Small World After All." It keeps getting smaller. Then too, I see God's handiwork in the small details of our lives and relationships and this is my father's world.

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david said...

I love stories like this one. Just goes to show how close knit God's family really is.

Ivy said...

That's for sure. Thanks for stopping by.