Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rest, Who Me?

Please take a look at Clint's post on sabbath rest, particularly as we approach Advent. It's a challenging read. What do you do to add sabbath to your busy days? For myself, night prayer, or compline, nicely closes the day and helps me to remember why I'm here at seminary.

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Hot Cup Lutheran said...

it's so rare that sunday gets to be the sabbath for me... case in point... tomorrow worship of course, followed by one big family celebrative event of members i'm to be at; and meeting with two families for two respective funerals. that will put me home around 5:30 or 6...

at which point i will walk the dog. put on my jammies. have some tea. read. call a dear friend on the phone. do a little stretching, read, head to bed. resisting a glass of wine since monday is another full-on day... and so it goes.

Ivy said...

Sunday certainly couldn't be a real sabbath for a pastor. I can't remember who it was, but somewhere I read that one person had built a sabbath day into his schedule on another day of the week. The whole church knew he was not to be disturbed that day unless it was an emergency. Take care, Hot Cup. No coffee tonight (decaf that is)? Sleep well and God bless.