Monday, January 19, 2009

Presidential Hymn

A member of Christ Lutheran Church, Rev. Robert W. Koons D. D. penned a hymn whose words are sung to the tune of My Country Tis of Thee or God Bless Our Native Land (ELW 891). It appeared in Friday's Gettysburg Times. This indeed is an appropriate prayer for our new president.

God bless our president,
Uphold his high intent
To rule aright--
Our nation's good pursue,
Hope of world peace renew,
All humankind to view
As in Your sight.

Your gracious Spirit pour
On him, we now implore--
Give him your aid.
Unite us all to stand
With helping, serving hand.
What You for earth have planned
Be here displayed.
In the copy given to us at church, each line of the above was explained from a theological perspective by the author. A fellow seminarian thought it was the best hymn we sang yesterday. Lord in your mercy...hear our prayer.

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PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I looked at your profile and did a double take, as there is a family at our church who are Ray and Ivy. Ray is a retired pastor.

Ivy said...

Hi PS. My Ray is retired as well, but retired from the State of RI. There are so few Ivys around. I can think of only a couple of others. Isn't that amazing? Thanks for stopping by.

Mark Daniels said...

I linked to this post over on my blog.


Ivy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mark. Blessings.