Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Five: Mid-Lent Check-In

Sophia wrote:

The pastor of my grad school parish once gave a fascinating reflection, at about this mid-point in the season, called "How to Survive the Mid-Lent Crisis"! As I recall, his main point was that by halfway through the season we have often found it very challenging to live up to our original plans....But, he suggested--on the analogy of the healing and reframing of our life plans that can happen during a mid-*life* crisis--that that can be even more fruitful.

So here's an invitation to check in on the state of your spirit midway through "this joyful season where we prepare to celebrate the paschal mystery with mind and heart renewed" (Roman Missal). Hopefully there's a good deal of grace, and not too much crisis, in your mid-Lenten experience!

1. Did you give up, or take on, anything special for Lent this year?
I took on something, increased attentiveness to hear God's voice, to quiet myself to listen, especially through lectio divina. A group of us gather 3 mornings a week for that and God's presence has been almost tangible in our time together.

2. Have you been able to stay with your original plans, or has life gotten in the way?
Not 100%, but pretty much I've been able to stay with my original plan.

3. Has God had any surprising blessings for you during this Lent?
Absolutely, there have been 2 in particular. I have not been as wound up and obsessed inside about my school work and have been able to enjoy being in the moment with family and friends. The second is that wonderful sense of God's nearness and presence.

4. What is on your inner and/or outer agenda for the remainder of Lent and Holy Week?
For my inner agenda, I just want to be open to God and the multiple surprises in this journey of faith. Part of my outer agenda will be the stations of the cross, which I have never participated in.

5. Where do you most long to see resurrection, in your life and/or in the world, this Easter?
In my life I long to see resurrection in remembering why I'm at seminary and God's baptismal call in each of our lives. For the world, I long to see it impacted by the reign of God through God's people sharing God's love.

Bonus: Share a favorite scripture, prayer, poem, artwork, or musical selection that speaks Lenten spring to your heart.
What Wondrous Love is This.

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Processing Counselor said...

#1 sounds really nice. I wish I could do something like this. I used to do meditation at work, but that doesn't seem possible where I work now.

Sophia said...

Oh, Ivy, what a tremendous gift to gather with friends in prayer....And how good of God to let it help you feel so close and loved and give you more freedom about the school stress. Rejoicing and praising with you.

RevAnne said...

Grace and peace to glad it's been a good Lent!

Ivy said...

Thank you all. This has been a good Lent so far. God is good all of the time!