Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Being Found

I read the following tonight for my own night prayer. God spoke to me so profoundly through the words that I practiced lectio divina (meditative reading) with them. I was brought to a place of feeling like a lost little girl being shown the way home. It's from the book Thomas Merton: A Book of Hours, edited by Kathleen Deignan, pp. 66-67.

And he called out to me from his own immense depths.



Teach me to go to this country beyond words and beyond names.

Teach me to pray on this side of the frontier, here where these woods are.

I need to be led by you.

I need my heart to be moved by you.

I need my soul to be made clean by your prayer.

I need my will to be made strong by you.

I need the world to be saved and changed by you.

I need you for all those who suffer, who are in prison, in danger, in sorrow.

I need you for all the crazy people.

I need your healing hand to work always in my life.

I need you to make me, as you made your Son, a healer, a comforter, a savior.

I need you to name the dead.

I need you to help the dying cross their particular rivers.

I need you for myself whether I live or die.

It is necessary. Amen.

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Mark Daniels said...

Thank you for your reflections here, Ivy.

Thanks also for your kind comment on my post of last evening.

God bless you.

Mark Daniels

Ivy said...

Thanks or stopping by Mark. Your posts are always great. Blessings.

Jennifer said...

thanks for this reminder, Ivy. I love thomas Merton. I'm so glad your sermon went well! it's a wonderful feeling to feel good about it and receive affirmation and good comments from others as well.

Law+Gospel said...

Just getting here, but thanks for this. Blessings for your journey this sem. Hope you are on the mend!