Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"evermore and evermore"


The first time I heard this hymn was when the children's choir sang it many years ago at The Lutheran Church of the Incarnate Word in Rochester, NY. In the last few years it has become especially meaningful especially as I have learned more about this type of musical chant in the last year.

All of the wonderful blessings we enjoy as in the Christmas season are "Of the Father's love begotten," because of all that God has done for us by sending our savior, Jesus Christ into the world. I've been pondering several of them the last few days, especially now that we're on vacation and there is time to take a breath.

Here are some of those wonderful things for which I'm so thankful:

1. Getting out of Gettysburg before the storm hit.
2. Arriving safely at my daughter's house.
3. Being able to have time with Grace, our granddaughter.
4. Christmas shopping with my daughter, Sarah.
5. Even better...Sarah was so excited about time to shop with me!
6. Christmas shopping with Gracie after school.
7. To see my daughter grow into the wonderful woman and mother that she is.
8. For my husband, Ray, and his supportive love and encouragement throughout our marriage and my time in seminary.
9. Renewing relationships with friends I haven't seen for several years.
10. Christmas Eve singing "Silent Night" through our tears, arms around each other, as Sarah and I remembered the little town of Bethlehem that was home to us in the 1980s and the many people and places we love and miss there.

These are but a few of the things I've been pondering lately.

My thanks is "evermore and evermore."

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