Sunday, January 10, 2010

Appalachian Adventure

Today was my first full day in Accident and Friendsville, MD. I am here for 2 weeks (3 Sundays) for Jan. term for my cultural immersion experience. These 2 towns are in Garrett County, MD, the westernmost county in MD, which borders West Virginia. It too is part of Appalachia.

When another seminarian and myself arrived yesterday, it was not a scene like that above that greeted us. I felt like I was back in Upstate NY with the snow. Just add more mountains to it and horseshoe turns around mountains.

The pastor I am shadowing pastors 3 small churches--2 in Accident and 1 in Friendsville. People are very friendly and warm here. A classmate, Gary, preceeded us last week and had wonderful things to share. I second his opinions.

Please pray as we are here in various parishes for God's leading and our open ears to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit for further clarification of call.


revdw1 said...

The cross cultural componant of seminary is a very good one. It is always good to see how people in another context experience the presence of God in their midst, and how ministry and faith are expressed. I pray tht you gain much insight during tis experience, and that your ministry is enhance though it.

Ivy said...

I still think of you in the context of your former blog. You went to Southern, right?