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Where I've Been...Transitions

Merriam-Webster defines transition as,  "a: passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : change b : a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another." Basically, I've finished the semester's projects, traveled to New England for Synod Assembly, and returned from visiting with friends and family in Rochester  in time to...move the very next day. We are living in that time called transition.

Mon. the movers came and took our stuff off to storage for a month.. After that, we moved across the quad to a furnished efficiency apartment.The critters, Abby, Amity, and Pokey are enjoying their vacation with us at the Baughman Hall Motel (seminary housing). We will be here until internship begins next month. We were unsure size-wise how things would work out for 2 dogs, a cat, and 2 adults in an efficiency, but all is well. Pokey, the cat, especially loves the large second floor windowsill which offers him a better view of life outside than did his former windowsill. His CAT TV reception is much better in this building.

In the midst of all this, my laptop was in the shop and the desktop computer was off to storage. Now, my laptop is fixed and we're back online, with daily life taking on a pattern of "normalcy."

We are beginning to find the things we moved here. But sometimes, when someone mentions something they're looking for, I think, "Oh, I have that"...and then remember that it's in storage en route to Petersburg, WV. Hmmmm....

Our outlook is that this is our vacation time before the busyness of internship. The few of us remaining on campus are enjoying the time for extended conversation  and fellowship compared to brief encounters during the hectic school year.

One of our concerns however, continues to be Abby's health. She's Ray's 13 + year old retired Seeing Eye Dog. Her arthritis, possible nerve issues, and loss of muscle mass have left her in pain and made her less steady on her feet. Today, once again we saw the vet and changed her meds. The goal is for her to be comfortable. As it was, she was in pain and discomfort continually. We will see how this works. Please keep us all in prayer as we approach  transition to internship. We are unsure if she will be make the move or not.

Among the coming activities before internship is some supply preaching in Western MD at a 3 point parish, which means some traveling. I'll be leading worship and preaching 3 times on that Sun. at 3 different churches. This is in the same county that I spent Jan. term at.

It is hard to believe that we have been here for 2 years already. We've had discussions that it seems like we were just struggling with Greek, doing CPE, and experiencing other milestones in our preparation for ministry. And yet, some things seem like they happened so long ago. Now some of my class has already begun internship, while others like myself with later start dates are waiting.

And so these summer days bring laughter and tears--cherishing our times together, but then saying "Good-bye" to many we have come to know and love. For some, we will only be absent from each other during internship, while others we may never see again. It is an emotional time of some sadness, yet pregnant with promise and hope of service to God and God's people. We anticipate the work of the Holy Spirit through us for God's glory.

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SingingOwl said…
Transition--so stressful and wometimes painful. And exciting and pregnant with possibility too! Prayinf for all of you. And poor Abby. Blessings, my friend.
Ivy said…
Thank you so much Singing Owl. How has your time of transition been? I've gotten behind on reading my favorite blogs.

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