Saturday, August 7, 2010

...but I like hellos

As I said in my previous post, I really dislike saying good-bye, but I do love "hellos." I cannot help myself being the extrovert I am. The hellos to Petersburg, WV began Tues. as we arrived in town. We had dinner with my supervisor and his wife, which was a wonderful time of food and fellowship.

Wed. our things arrived. We got to say hello to the stuff that had been in storage. Then the unpacking started as we tried/try to figure out where everything should live in the parsonage, our home for a year.

One of the highlights of unpacking for me was being reunited with our 12 cup coffee maker. I was so excited that the next morning, the first thing I did was brew a pot of coffee. As it was brewing I had the realization that I had no cream/half and half/powdered creamer of any type or variety. For Ray and me coffee cannot be enjoyed without the adventure began.

Since we only knew a few places in town, like 7-11 and Sheetz, I wondered about the best place to buy cream. I heard there was a grocery store in town, bur had no idea where it was. I figured my Garmin Nuvi would help, but it only knew of places 30+ miles away!!! That was a problem. I saw a neighbor out for a walk, so I asked him, which resulted in a wonderful conversation, including the offer of tomatoes from his garden.

My supermarket experience led to more hellos. After said mission was accomplished, I returned home to enjoy coffee along with breakfast.

Daily we are becoming better acquainted with the church, neighbors, and our surroundings. By the way, Amity, Ray's Seeing Eye dog loves having this larger space to roam around in as well.

So, finally, beginning tomorrow, it is "Hello internship."

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Stratoz said...

Hello. hope that internship is going well. enjoy the adventure.