Sunday, November 14, 2010

Of Saints, Hunters, and Veterans

We had a full day today at Grace. Because of Pr. Larry's involvement last week at another church, we remembered the saints today. That was a the beginning of the service. Each one that had someone they had lost within the last year came forward and lit one of the candles that were on a small table in front of the altar.

Today, for the first time, we had a blessing of hunters. This is something I learned about last year at Bender's Lutheran Church in Biglerville, PA. Pr. Susan McCarthy wrote it and instituted it in that congregation. So, seeing how much it means to the people of Bender's, we thought we would initiate it here as well. An addition to the liturgy was small cards with a prayer and the church's name, location, and date to be carried along while hunting. The cards can also be shared with other hunters.

Something I learned recently from one of our hunters is that there is an organization, Hunters for the Hungry, which enables hunters to share their bounty with those in need. And there is certainly plenty of need in these days.

We would be remiss if we did not remember our veterans who served their country. At the end of the service we acknowledged various congregants and members of their families who were in the military. One of the men, in Korea, was one of the few that survived of his regiment, while most of the others died during a particular engagement. We are grateful he is with us.

It was a full day and the service did take a bit longer, but it was good. We remembered those who have gone before us, those who help feed us, and those who help protect us. Our hearts are full..."alleluia, alleluia."

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