Friday, January 7, 2011

Who and Whose--initial thoughts for Baptism of Our Lord

Well, I thought I had just the direction I needed for this Sunday's sermon for the Baptism of Our even include alliteration, which I love, but not the above alliteration. It would have been titled, "Vision, Voice, Vocation." I had it all worked out. At Jesus' baptism, there was the vision of the Holy Spirit coming down like a dove, Jesus' heard the Father's voice, and Jesus was thereby commissioned for his vocation. Then I looked at the passage some more and tried to write this sermon and it just wouldn't work. Apparently God had something else in mind.

So, now it's time for a new direction. As I've studied and prayed, I keep thinking of the theme to CSI (which I don't watch), the Who's song, "Who Are You?"  The other song I think of is Diana Ross' "Do You Know?" For Jesus and for us, it all comes down to baptismal identity--who we are and whose we are. Because of who we are through baptism, children of God and whose we are, God's, we are given everything we need to live our lives as pleasing, faithful children of the heavenly Father. And...I still have alliteration with WHO and WHOSE. Woo-hoo!

What do you think?

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