Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Such a Shady Character

Since September of last year, I have been informally involved with Grant Memorial Hospice. I did the orientation, took the necessary tests, and we just had to wait for the background check to come back. That should have taken just a very short time...and we waited...and they called...and they faxed and refaxed...and called...every few days. The hold up was with the PA Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Hospice kept requesting my driving history and the DMV would say they never received the request. So the running joke was about what a shady character I must be. Finally, last week, I was officially able to be a volunteer!!!!! Many of Pr. Cantu's interns have worked with hospice, but they never had this much trouble getting all the background information on one. Hmmm....

Friday, I was able to join Joyce, the hospice social worker as a volunteer for the very first time. The people we visited were Lutheran, so I was able to bring communion to them from our service at Grace. They were a delightful couple. Joyce noticed that as we prayed and I gave them communion, the patient visibly relaxed. God is so faithful and good to use even a shady lady like me. The bread and wine, God's word, the body and blood, truly are the means of grace to us all.

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