Thursday, March 31, 2011


Recently I have been struggling with issues from Achilles tendinitis because of a bone deformity that has caused a tear in the tendon. I am having physical therapy, which is helpful and may even heal the tear. My concern is that with the rubbing of the bone on the tendon, it will tear again.

I have just finished talking with my Gettysburg doctor's office and they have set up an appointment for me with an orthopedist who will do the surgery. Seems simple enough, but for the next few months, I am here on internship in Petersburg, WV and have been seeing an orthopedist and having physical therapy in Winchester, VA. But the therapist and doctor in Winchester are working with me so that we can get this done as seamlessly as possible. I will finish internship here, move back to Gettysburg for my last year of seminary, then have the surgery.

As I was reading this morning and praying, this piece of scripture encouraged me:

It is God who girds me about with strength* and makes my way secure. He makes me sure-footed like a deer* and lets me stand firm on the heights. He trains my hands for battle* and my arms for bending even a bow of bronze. You have given me your shield of victory;* your right hand also sustains me; your loving care makes me great. You lengthen my stride beneath me,* and my ankles do not give way. Psalm 18:33–37

I particularly like the part "...and my ankles do not give way." 

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