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What's Important and What If?

Things have been very interesting weather-wise in our country lately. Places that never have tornadoes have experienced devastation beyond what we can fathom. Several times in the last week we've been under tornado watches and warnings. Last night was one of those times.

We considered how seriously we should take the warning. Do we go down to the basement or just go to bed as usual. We decided to err on the side of caution and gathered up a few necessary things (including the dog and cat) and went to the basement. Ray was attuned to the weather radio and I kept watching the updates on my laptop.

I experienced a couple of different emotions and thought processes last evening. First off, I didn't think I was so materialistic. Going through a mental checklist of what we HAD to have downstairs with us brought me to that conclusion. And how would I live without my stuff (including clothes) if we did get hit?

Secondly, I struggled with the issue of knowing that God takes care of and protects us and yet...God does allow us to go through some very difficult times as well. Certainly many of those experiencing devastation and flooding in so much of the country are those who trust in the Lord as well. If we had been at the receiving end of such damage, would it mean God was not protecting us or that God was not faithful? Of course not. So how does one balance that knowledge of God's almighty saving and protecting power with the understanding that bad things happen to good people and God does allow stuff to happen? And in connection with all this, how do we not live in fear of what could happen?

I admit my emotions fluctuated a lot last night. Sometimes I was perfectly calm just waiting and riding out the warning and possible tornado. At other times I was trying to visualize how losing everything physically would impact my future.

Needless to say, our area was left unscathed. The tornado warning became a watch and we came upstairs to go to bed. I was left with a lot to ponder however. Psalm 27 is one of those Bible passages I keep coming back to. What about you?

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