Friday, May 20, 2011

We Rest Our Fears

I had plans for this week. I knew who I was going to visit in the nursing home and hospital. I had plans for meetings. I was good to go. I had been sick, but felt like I could carefully dig back into the ministry of my internship.That was my plan.

Then along came Wednesday night. I had seen the doctor during the day and we agreed I was making progress though I wasn't yet 100% better. All my plans went down the tubes as I had an asthma attack in the middle of the night. Rather than sleep, I coughed and wheezed and used my inhaler. It was scary and I was uncertain what else I should do. So much for my plans.

This resonated so much with me as I read it. How about you?


Out of the Depths I Cry to You
Out of the depths I cry to you; O Lord, now hear me calling. Incline your ear to my distress in spite of my rebelling. Do not regard my sinful deeds. Send me the grace my spirit needs; Without it I am nothing. All things you send are full of grace; you crown our lives with favor. All our good works are done in vain without the Lord our Savior. We praise the God who gives us faith and saves us from the grip of death; Our lives are in God’s keeping. It is in God that we shall hope, and not in our own merit; We rest our fears in God’s good Word and trust the Holy Spirit, Whose promise keeps us strong and sure; we trust the holy signature Inscribed upon our temples. My soul is waiting for the Lord as one who longs for morning; No watcher waits with greater hope than I for Christ’s returning. I hope as Israel in the Lord, who sends redemption through the Word. Praise God for endless mercy.  Martin Luther
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Steve Martin said...

Very nice, Ivy.

Thanks. (you too, Marty)

I'm sorry that you are ill. I pray that you will recover very quickly.