Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Mantra

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I'm back to classes and reading and writing papers. Frankly, after being on internship, it is a challenge to fully engage myself in these tasks. On top of that I have physical therapy twice a week. I now just use one crutch, but the transition to walking without crutches is going slowly. A couple of weeks ago I tried to transition too quickly and suffered the consequences.

I was sure that by now, if not sooner, I'd be driving. But I still can't drive. And then I thought for sure by Nov. when I go to meet with the Candidacy Committee in New England for approval, that I'd be able to drive there. But alas...that is not the case.

So, thank you to my husband for thinking about taking the train from Harrisburg to New London, CT. Now that the logistics for getting to and from the train station are worked out, I think this will be a neat adventure. This will also give me an opportunity to reconnect with a former pastor and do some catching up with her.

My lack of mobility has been a little discouraging, but I am so very grateful to the community of faith and friends here on the LTSG campus who help with so much, especially when it comes to places I need to be driven to. 

Right now the song that keeps going through my mind is this one.

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