Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Getting Narrower

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On May 22, I found out, as noted in my previous post, that I was assigned to ELCA Region 7, which is a pretty fair bit of geography. All I really knew then was where I wasn't going. That all changed yesterday with a bit of specificity was added to the picture.

After a day of interviewing with and meeting and chatting with the various Region 7 bishops, I have been assigned to the Upstate NY Synod, which is like coming full circle back home. I was born and raised in Rochester, NY and have spent most of my lifetime in that area. Since 2003, I lived in Rhode Island for 5 years, then off to Gettysburg, PA for seminary for 2 years, then internship in West Virginia for 1 year, then back to Gettysburg, and after my May 11 graduation...back to New York State.

To make this even more exciting, yesterday my new bishop gave me the profile of a church that is looking for a pastor. We may be a good match for each other. We will see what the Holy Spirit does.

Shortly after Regional assignment, I went through a time of wondering if God really had a place for me. What if there were no openings that were a good match for me? I don't know why it's so hard to remember that God really does love and care for us and that God is truly faithful. Yes, I know, God is God and I am not and God is good all of the time. It's sometimes hard to remember that though.

It was really ironic that during the ride home last night on one of the Christian radio stations they played the song, "Here I Am Lord." After the day spent together with 20 plus candidates for ordained ministry, bishops, and pastors, my response was, "Amen!"

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Steve Martin said...

I know you'll do a great job proclaiming God's law and His gospel whwerever they send you, Ivy.